File::Mountpoint - see if a directory is a mountpoint


    use File::Mountpoint;

    if (File::Mountpoint::is_mountpoint("/foo/bar")) {


    use File::MountPoint qw( is_mountpoint );

    if (is_mountpoint("/foo/bar")) {


This module provides a single function, is_mountpoint(), that can be used to tell if a directory path on a POSIX filesystem is the point at which a volume is mounted.


Import Parameters

This module accepts symbol names to be exported to it's import method.

    use File::MountPoint qw( is_mountpoint );


  • is_mountpoint($path)

    Accepts a single scalar parameter which is the path (must be a directory) to be tested.

    This function will die if $path does not exist or is not a directory.

    Returns true on success and fails with undef in scalar context or () in list context.



This module is based on the behavior of the mountpoint utility that is included with the sysvinit package.


Miquel van Smoorenburg,, author of the sysvinit package.

Me, myself, and I.


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Joshua Hoblitt <>


Copyright (C) 2008 Joshua Hoblitt. All rights reserved.

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