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File::EmptyDirs - find all empty directories in a path and remove recursively


        use File::EmptyDirs 'remove_empty_dirs';
        my @abs_dirs_removed = remove_empty_dirs('/home/myself');
   my $count_removed = remove_empty_dirs('/home/otherself');


Ever end up with some miscellaneous empty directories in a messy filesystem and you just want to clean up all empty dirs?

For example.. If you have..


And the only thing in this is 'nada', and 'nada' does not contain anything, you'd like to remove both of those. This is what to use. Remove empty directories recursively.

Nothing exported by default.

The operation is self exclusive, that is, if you pass dir /home/myself, it will not delete /home/myself if it is an empty dir.



Argument is an abs path to a directory. Will remove all empty directories within that filesystem hierarchy, recursively.

Returns number of dirs removed in scalar context. In list context, returns abs paths to dirs removed.

Returns undef on failure.


File::Find::Rule::DirectoryEmpty - used internally to find the empty dirs. IO::All, might want to check this out. ermdir, included cli.


Leo Charre leocharre at cpan dot org


Copyright (c) 2010 Leo Charre. All rights reserved.


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