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Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Prereqs::MatchInstalled::All - Upgrade ALL your dependencies to the ones you have installed.


version 1.001001


    ; upgrade_perl = 1  ; if you want to upgrade to your installed perl
    ; include these too if you don't want to force a perl upgrade indirectly.
    exclude = strict
    exclude = warnings


This is a special case of Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Prereqs::MatchInstalled that automatically upgrades all versions of all dependencies, unless asked not to.


Presently, there is one very large gotcha about using this module, in that it will upgrade everything, even things that don't make sense to upgrade.

For instance:

Local Versions

If you have a single dependency on your system you might use, which is locally patched, and locally patched in such a way the local version is more recent than any on CPAN, you should either

a. Not use this module
b. Put that module in the exclusion list

Non-Dual Life modules

This plugin is not very smart, and can't differentiate between modules that do exist on CPAN independent of Perl, and modules that don't.

For instance, if you use Autoprereqs, its very likely your distribution will add a dependency on either strict or warnings

This module will ask your user to upgrade those versions to their latest versions, which will likely require them to upgrade their Perl installation to do so.

Which basically means for the mean time, either

a. You must be o.k. with end users needing more recent Perls
b. You should avoid upgrading those dependencies by either
a. Not using this plugin
b. Adding problematic modules to the exclusion list



This parameter can be specified multiple times, and each time should represent a single package string to exclude from version upgrades.

    exclude = foo
    exclude = bar


If specified, this will permit upgrades on the dependency on perl to the installed version.

    upgrade_perl = 1

Note, this has no effect on the modules that may inherently be only available by upgrading Perl.

Default is false.

See "PITFALLS" for details.








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