Dist::Zilla::App::Command::stale - print your distribution's prerequisites and plugins that are out of date


version 0.057


  $ dzil stale --all | cpanm


This is a command plugin for Dist::Zilla. It provides the stale command, which acts as [PromptIfStale] would during the build: compares the locally-installed version of a module(s) with the latest indexed version, and print all modules that are thus found to be stale. You could pipe that list to a CPAN client like cpanm to update all of the modules in one quick go.

When a [PromptIfStale] configuration is present in dist.ini, its configuration is honoured (unless --all is used); if there is no such configuration, behaviour is as for --all.

If not everything can be installed in one pass (typically, if a plugin used by dist.ini is missing), a message will be printed to STDERR and the exit code will be 1. This allows you to chain commands thusly:

    dzil stale --all | cpanm && dzil build && dzil test --release



Checks all plugins and prerequisites (as well as any additional modules listed in a local [PromptIfStale] configuration, if there is one).

I have a shell alias: alias unstale="dzil stale --all | cpanm" which I use quite regularly! You should do this too.



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