Device::Chip::LTC2400 - chip driver for LTC2400


This Device::Chip subclass provides specific communications to a Linear Technologies LTC2400 chip attached to a computer via an SPI adapter.

The reader is presumed to be familiar with the general operation of this chip; the documentation here will not attempt to explain or define chip-specific concepts or features, only the use of this module to access them.


The following methods documented with a trailing call to ->get return Future instances.


   $reading = $chip->read_adc->get

Returns a HASH reference containing the fields obtained after a successful conversion.

The following values will be stored in the hash:

   EOC   => 0 | 1
   EXR   => 0 | 1
   SIG   => 0 | 1
   VALUE => (a 24bit integer)

If the EOC value is false, then a conversion is still in progress and no other fields will be provided.


Paul Evans <>