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DBIx::DataModel::Meta - meta-information for DBIx::DataModel


The family of classes in DBIx::DataModel::Meta are designed to hold meta-information about schemas, tables, joins, etc.

Under normal circumstances these classes will be mostly invisible to DBIx::DataModel users : they are used primarily for internal needs. Instances of DBIx::DataModel::Meta::Schema, DBIx::DataModel::Meta::Table, etc. are created automatically when a new schema is populated; then the relevant information is exposed through façade methods in DBIx::DataModel::Schema, DBIx::DataModel::Source::Table, etc.

This "meta-object protocol" is specific to DBIx::DataModel : it does not use Moose nor any of its alternative implementations, because the needs here are simpler and domain-specific.

Meta-objects are accessed from ordinary objects through the metadm keyword, so as not to collide with a possible Moose integration.


This class is empty; it merely acts as parent for all DBIx::DataModel::Meta::* subclasses.