Catmandu::Fix::perlcode - execute Perl code as fix function


Use this fix in the Catmandu fix language to make use of a Perl script:


The script (here must return a code reference:

    sub {
        my $data = shift;

        $data->{testing} = 1 ; # modify the item

        return $data;          # and return the data

When not using the fix language this

    my $fixer = Catmandu::Fix->new( fixes => [ do '' ] );
    $fixer->fix( $item );

is roughly equivalent to:

    my $code = do '';
    $item = $code->( $item )

All scripts are cached based on their filename, so using this fix multiple times will only load each given script once.

The code reference gets passed a second value to reject selected items such as possible with see Catmandu::Fix::reject:

    sub {
        my ($data, $reject) = @_;

        if ($data->{my_field} eq 'OK') {
            return $data;    # return the data and continue processing
        else {
            return $reject;  # return the reject flag to ignore this record


Catmandu::Fix::code, Catmandu::Fix::cmd