CGI::JSONRPC::Session::Dispatcher - Dispatch JSONRPC requests to persistant objects


package Hello; use CGI::JSONRPC::Session::Obj; use base qw(CGI::JSONRPC::Session::Obj);

sub hi { return $self{count}++; }


Apache2::JSONRPC::Dispatcher::Session receives JSONRPC class method calls and translates them into perl object method calls. Here's how it works:


AUTOLOAD($my_class, $id, $desired_class, @args)

When any function is called in Apache2::JSONRPC::Dispatcher::Session, the AUTOLOAD sub runs.

  • $desired_class has all of it's dots (.) converted to double-colons (::) to translate JavaScript class names into perl.

  • The jsonrpc_new method in the resulting class is called with $id passed in as the first argument. An object should be returned from jsonrpc_new in your code.

  • The returned object has the desired method invoked, with any remaining arguments to AUTOLOAD passed in.

If jsonrpc_new does not exist in the requested package, a fatal error will occur. This both provides you with a handy state mechanism, and ensures that packages that aren't supposed to be accessed from the web aren't.

Apache2::JSONRPC attempts to call dispatchers with this set of arguments, and then takes any return values, serializes them to JSON, and sends a response back to the client.


Tyler "Crackerjack" MacDonald <> and David Labatte <>


Copyright 2006 Tyler "Crackerjack" MacDonald <>

This is free software; You may distribute it under the same terms as perl itself.


The "examples/httpd.conf" file bundled with the distribution shows how to create a new JSONRPC::Dispatcher-compatible class, and also shows a rather hacky method for making an existing class accessable from JSON.


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