CGI::JSONRPC::Dispatcher - Dispatch JSONRPC requests to objects


package Hello;

sub jsonrpc_new { my($class, $id) = @_; my $self = bless { id => $id }, $class; }

sub hi { return "hey"; }


Apache2::JSONRPC::Dispatcher receives JSONRPC class method calls and translates them into perl object method calls. Here's how it works:


AUTOLOAD($jsonrpc_object, $id, $desired_class, @args)

When any function is called in Apache2::JSONRPC::Dispatcher, the AUTOLOAD sub runs.

  • $desired_class has all of it's dots (.) converted to double-colons (::) to translate JavaScript class names into perl.

  • The jsonrpc_new method in the resulting class is called with $id passed in as the first argument. An object should be returned from jsonrpc_new in your code.

  • The returned object has the desired method invoked, with any remaining arguments to AUTOLOAD passed in.

If jsonrpc_new does not exist in the requested package, a fatal error will occur. This both provides you with a handy state mechanism, and ensures that packages that aren't supposed to be accessed from the web aren't.

Apache2::JSONRPC attempts to call dispatchers with this set of arguments, and then takes any return values, serializes them to JSON, and sends a response back to the client.


If there are any methods in your RPC objects that shouldn't be called from the web, you can prevent the dispatcher from allowing them by adding the "DontDispatch" attribute, like so:

  package Authenticator;

  sub get_password : DontDispatch {
    [... code the web shouldn't be able to run goes here...]

Note that if you subclass your RPC classes (not always the best approach, but it happens sometimes...) you'll have to protect the method in all your subclasses as well (for now):

  package Authenticator::Child;
  sub get_password : DontDispatch {
    my $self = shift;


Tyler "Crackerjack" MacDonald <> and David Labatte <>


Copyright 2008 Tyler "Crackerjack" MacDonald <>

This is free software; You may distribute it under the same terms as perl itself.


The "examples/httpd.conf" file bundled with the distribution shows how to create a new JSONRPC::Dispatcher-compatible class, and also shows a rather hacky method for making an existing class accessable from JSON.


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