Business::CyberSource::RequestPart::Card - Credit Card Helper Class


version 0.010008





This is the Credit Card Number


        my $card = Business::CyberSource::RequestPart::Card->new({
                        account_number => '4111111111111111',
                        expiration     => {
                                year  => '2025',
                                month => '04',

A DateTime object, you should construct it by passing a hashref with keys for month, and year, it will actually contain the last day of that month/year. You can pass a DateTime object, as long as it was built using the last_day_of_month factory method.


The 3 digit security number on the back of the card.


The full name of the card holder as printed on the card.


Boolean, returns true if the card is older than expiration date plus one day. This is done to compensate for unknown issuer time zones as we can't be sure that all issuers shut cards of on the first of every month UTC. In fact I have been told that some issuers will allow renewed cards to be run with expired dates. Use this at your discretion.


Boolean, true if the security code was passed.


The card issuer, e.g. VISA, MasterCard. it is generated from the card number.


Type of card to authorize. This should be auto detected, but if it's not you can specify the value manually.

Possible values:

001: Visa
002: MasterCard, Eurocard*

European regional brand of MasterCard

003: American Express
004: Discover
005: Diners Club

see Discover Acquisitions and Alliances.

006: Carte Blanche*
007: JCB*
014: EnRoute*
021: JAL*
024: Maestro (UK Domestic)*
031: Delta*

use this value only for Global Collect. For other processors, use 001 for all Visa card types.

033: Visa Electron*
034: Dankort*
035: Laser*
036: Carte Bleue*
037: Carta Si*
039: Encoded account number*
040: UATP*
042: Maestro (International)*
043: Santander card*

before setting up your system to work with Santander cards, contact the CyberSource UK Support Group.


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  The Artistic License 2.0 (GPL Compatible)