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Business::CCCheck::CardID - provides data structures with credit card issuer information


  use Business::CCCheck::CardID;


This module contains credit card prefixes and descriptions in three hashes. The hashes are of the form:

  'credit card prefix' => 'description',

  i.e. '12345' => 'XYZ Bank Gold Card',


Three (3) hashes:

 %CCprimary     a few short prefixes covering most issuers
 %CCsecondary   many prefixes covering detail of issuers
 %enRoute       card numbers that do not have parity

These three hashes do not completely overlap. The 'primary' hash usually covers many issuers included in the 'secondary' hash.

The 'secondary' hash will include some issuers not covered in 'primary'.

'enRoute' contains prefix's for cards that do not have parity


Michael Robinton, <michael@bizsystems.com>


Copyright 2012, Michael Robinton <michael@bizsystems.com>

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