Bot::Cobalt::Plugin::Rehash - Rehash config or langs on-the-fly


  Rehash 'cobalt.conf':
   !rehash core
  Rehash 'channels.conf':
   !rehash channels
  Rehash 'plugins.conf' and plugin-specific configs:
   !rehash plugins
  All of the above:
   !rehash all

  Load a different language set:
   !rehash langset ebonics
   !rehash langset english


Reloads configuration files or language sets on the fly.

Few guarantees regarding consequences are made as of this writing; playing with core configuration options might not necessarily always do what you expect. (Feel free to report as bugs via either RT or e-mail, of course.)

Note that plugin-specific configs will be reloaded when the 'plugins' target is. This is new behavior as of Bot-Cobalt-0.013.


Every rehash triggers a Bot_rehashed event, informing the plugin pipeline of the newly reloaded configuration values.

The first event argument is the type of rehash that was performed; it will be one of core, channels, langset, or plugins.


Jon Portnoy <>