Bot::Cobalt::IRC::Role::AdminCmds - IRC-specific admin commands


  ## Check current context name:
  !server current

  ## List contexts:
  !server list  

  ## Issue a (re)connect:
  !server connect Main
  ## Issue a disconnect:
  !server disconnect Alpha


This is a Moo::Role consumed by the default IRC plugin (Bot::Cobalt::IRC). It provides basic administrative commands specific to IRC connection control.

As a failsafe you cannot disconnect from all contexts. See the die command provided by Bot::Cobalt::Plugin::Master instead. However, Issuing a connect for a currently-connected context will attempt a reconnection (note that it's possible to 'lose' bots this way, particularly if the configuration or the remote server has changed in some way).

See the "SYNOPSIS" for basic usage information; all commands require SUPERUSER access.


Jon Portnoy <>