Bot::Backbone::Service::Interactive - Access an external command through a bot


version 0.142250


  # play my favorite infocom game
  service planetfall => (
      service       => 'Interactive',
      chat          => 'adventure_chat',
      run_command   => [ qw( bin/dfrotz -w 255 PLANETFA.DAT ) ],
      input_cleaner => sub {
          s/\A[\w: ]+\n\n//ms;
          s/(Deck Nine\nThis is a featureless corridor similar to every other corridor on the ship. It curves away to starboard, and a gangway leads up. To port is the entrance to one of hte ship's primary escape pods. The pod bulkhead is closed.\n\n){2}/$1/ms;

  # in the chat
  Infocom interactive fiction - a science fiction story
  Copyright (c) 1983 by Infocom, Inc. All rights reserved.
  PLANETFALL is a trademark of Infocom, Inc.
  Release 37 / Serial number 851003

  Another routine day of drudgery aboard the Stellar Patrol Ship Feinstein. This morning's assignment for a certain lowly Ensign Seventh Class: scrubbing the filthy metal deck at the port end of Level Nine. With your Patrol-issue self-contained multi-
  purpose all-weather scrub brush you shine the floor with a diligence born of the knowledge that at any moment dreaded Ensign First Class Blather, the bane of your shipboard existence, could appear.

  Deck Nine
  This is a featureless corridor similar to every other corridor on the ship. It curves away to starboard, and a gangway leads up. To port is the entrance to one of the ship's primary escape pods. The pod bulkhead is closed.
  alice> #port
  bot> The escape pod bulkhead is closed.
  alice> #starboard
  bot> Reactor Lobby
  The corridor widens here as it nears the main drive area. To starboard is the Ion Reactor that powers the vessel, and aft of here is the Auxiliary Control Room. The corridor continues to port.

  Ensign Blather, his uniform immaculate, enters and notices you are away from your post. "Twenty demerits, Ensign Seventh Class!" bellows Blather. "Forty if you're not back on Deck Nine in five seconds!" He curls his face into a hideous mask of disgust at
  your unbelievable negligence.

NOTE: dfrotz is an external project and Planetfall is a copyright owned by Infocom, Inc.


This captures the input and output from an external command. It then causes the bot to speak all the output from the command and passes any prefixed text back to the command. This can be used to play text adventure games through a chat channel, access a bash prompt, or whatever you like.


This dispatcher causes any text prefixed with the string in "interactive_prefix" to be marked as a command. That string is passed through to the program running via "run_command" as input (after strippingt he prefix).



This is an AnyEvent::Run object used to handle the interaction between running program and the bot. Normally, you do not need to set this up yourself as it is built automatically from the "run_command" attribute. However, if you have some special needs, you can set this yourself instead.

The AnyEvent::Run method is setup so that input is sent to "got_input" for handling and error causes "handle" to clear (and, thus, stop working).


This is the character or string to use as the interactive prefix to mark any message that is intended for the bot to send through to the handle.

The default is "#".


This is the command-line to run as the interactive command. This is an array reference containing the arguments that would be passed through on the command-line. It is used to construct the "handle".


Often, the output from a command (which is input into the bot) is not suitable for display in the channel for some reason. This method is given some text output by the command and given the opportunity to rewrite it. The text returned by this method is then used as the text to actual display.

By default, no such subroutine is provided and the input into the bot is presented in the chat as-is.



Implements the code that searches each chat message for the prefix and routes any such command to the interactive program.


This method receives the input sent from the interactive command as output and writes it back to the chat after running it through the "input_cleaner", if defined.


No op.


No op.


Andrew Sterling Hanenkamp <>


This software is copyright (c) 2014 by Qubling Software LLC.

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