# get the Bio::Tools::Primer3Redux::Primer through Bio::Tools::Primer3Redux...

 # dies with an error if no sequence is attached, or if sequence region
 # does not match cached sequence from Primer3.  Useful if decorating an already
 # generated Bio::Seq with primers.


 my $seq = $primer->seq; # Bio::Seq object
 if ($primer->melting_temp < 55) {
    warn "Primer ".$primer->display_name." is below optimal temp";

 # if primer3 EXPLAIN settings are used...
 print "Run parameters:".$primer->run_description."\n";


This class is a simple subclass of Bio::SeqFeature::Generic that adds convenience accessor methods for primer-specific data, such as Tm, GC content, and other interesting bits of information returned from Primer3. Beyond that, the data can be persisted just as any Bio::SeqFeatureI; it doesn't add any additional primary attributes that may not be persisted effectively.


Bio::Tools::Primer3Redux::Primer - Simple Decorator of a Bio::SeqFeature::Generic with convenience methods for retrieving Tm, GC, validating primer seq against attached sequence, etc.


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AUTHOR - Chris Fields

  Email cjfields at bioperl dot org

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The rest of the documentation details each of the object methods. Internal methods are usually preceded with a _


 Title    : oligo_type
 Usage    : $obj->oligo_type
 Function : get/set the oligo type
 Returns  : the oligo type (forward_primer, reverse_primer, internal_oligo)
 Args     : optional string
 Note     : simple alias for primary_tag


 Title    : rank
 Usage    : $obj->rank
 Function : get/set the rank
 Returns  : rank
 Args     : optional string


 Title    : validate_seq
 Usage    : $obj->validate_seq
 Function : Checks the calculated primer sequence against the actual sequence
            being analysed.
 Returns  : True (1) if validated, False (0) and a warning otherwise
 Args     : none


 Title    : melting_temp
 Usage    : $obj->melting_temp
 Function : returns the Tm calculated for the primer via Primer3
 Returns  : float
 Args     : optional Tm (possibly calculated via other means)


 Title    : gc
 Usage    : $obj->gc
 Function : returns the GC content calculated for the primer via Primer3
 Returns  : float (percent)
 Args     : optional GC content (possibly calculated via other means)


 Title    : run_description
 Usage    : $obj->run_description
 Function : returns the run description for this primer (via Primer3)
 Returns  : string
 Args     : optional description


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This software is copyright (c) 2011 by Chris Fields.

This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as the Perl 5 programming language system itself.