Author image Rutger Vos
and 1 contributors


Bio::BioVeL::AsynchronousService::TNRS - wrapper for the SUPERSMART TNRS service


NOTE: this service is untested, it is a work in progress. It is meant to show how the scripts of the could be executed as asynchronous web services.



The constructor specifies one object property: the location of the input names list.


Launches the TNRS script. This will require the SUPERSMART_HOME environment variable to be defined, which when running under mod_perl needs to be done by adding something like the following to httpd.conf:

 PerlSetEnv SUPERSMART_HOME /Library/WebServer/Perl/supersmart

NOTE: this is an untested feature. The idea is that child classes can re-direct the client to an alternate location with, e.g. the most important output file or a directory listing of files.


Returns the analysis result as a string. In this service, this is the tab-separated file of names-to-taxon-ID mappings.