Bio::Biblio::IO::medline2ref - a converter of a raw hash to MEDLINE citations


version 1.70


 # to be written


 # to be written







Load a module (given as a real module name, e.g. 'Bio::Biblio::MedlineJournalArticle'), call new() method on it, and return the instance returned by the new() method


See OpenBQS specification ( how a date should be coded; TBD: this can be improved - checking is missing, timezones, converting to UTC... Also note that this routine does not convert 'medline_date' - it is stored in a separate attribute without ant conversion.


$person is a hash with persons attributes - we need to create and return a Bio::Biblio::Person object


Takes journal article related attributes from $article and convert them into $result and at the end call _convert_article (which is shared with book article)


Takes book article related attributes from $article and convert them into $result and at the end call _convert_article (which is shared with journal article)


Takes from $source article related attributes and convert them into $article (these attributes are the same both for journal and book articles


Takes a ref-array of providers - they can be persons or organisations, and returns an array of converted providers


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