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Astro::Catalog::Query::CMC - A query request to the SuperCOSMOS catalogue


  $supercos = new Astro::Catalog::Query::SuperCOSMOS( RA     => $ra,
                                                      Dec    => $dec,
                                                      Radius => $radius,
                                                      Nout   => $number_out,
                                                      Colour => $band );

  my $catalog = $supercos->querydb();


This code totally ignores the epoch of the observations and the associated proper motions, this pretty much means that for astrometric work the catalogues you get back from the query are pretty much bogus. This should be sorted in the next distribution.


The module is an object orientated interface to the online SuperCOSMOS catalogue using the generic Astro::Catalog::Query::SkyCat class

Stores information about an prospective query and allows the query to be made, returning an Astro::Catalog::Query::SuperCOSMOS object.

The object will by default pick up the proxy information from the HTTP_PROXY and NO_PROXY environment variables, see the LWP::UserAgent documentation for details.

See Astro::Catalog::BaseQuery for the catalog-independent methods.




Simple constructor, handles the 'Colour' option, e.g.

 long_name:      SuperCOSMOS catalog - blue (UKJ) southern survey
 short_name:     SSScat_UKJ@WFAU

 long_name:      SuperCOSMOS catalog - red (UKR) southern survey
 short_name:     SSScat_UKR@WFAU

 long_name:      SuperCOSMOS catalog - near IR (UKI) southern survey
 short_name:     SSScat_UKI@WFAU

 long_name:      SuperCOSMOS catalog - red (ESOR) southern survey
 short_name:     SSScat_ESOR@WFAU

 $q = new Astro::Catalog::Query::SuperCOSMOS( colour => 'UKJ', %options );

Allowed options are 'UKJ', 'UKR', 'UKI', and 'ESOR' for the UK Blue, UK Red, UK near-IR and ESO Red catalogues respectively.

All other options are passed on to SUPER::new().

Accessor methods


Catalog name selected by the user and currently configured for this object. Not to be used outside this class..

General methods


Configure the object. This calls the base class configure , after it has made sure that a sky cat config file has been read (otherwise we will not be able to vet the incoming arguments.


Construct a query URL based on the options.

  $url = $q->_build_query();

All the SkyCat servers return data in TST format. Need to make sure that column information is passed into the TST parser.


This method declares which options can be configured by the user of this service. Generated automatically by the skycat config file and keyed to the requested catalog.


Get the default options that are relevant for the selected catalog.

  %defaults = $q->_get_default_options();

Class methods

These methods are not associated with any particular object.


Location of the skycat config file. Default location is $PERLPREFIX/etc/sss.cfg.


Copyright (C) 2001 University of Exeter. All Rights Reserved. Some modifications copyright (C) 2003 Particle Physics and Astronomy Research Council. All Rights Reserved.

This program was written as part of the eSTAR project and is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU Public License.


Alasdair Allan <>