App::tt - Time tracking application




App::tt is an application that can track how much time you spend on an project from command line.

It is inspired by App::TimeTracker and share the same log file format, but it has (in my humble opinion) a simpler interface and easier to install.


The application is built up by specifying an action and optional arguments.

  $ tt <action> [options]
  $ tt help <action>
  $ tt <action> -h

Available actions: "edit", "log", "register", "start", "status" (default) and "stop".

Basic usage;

  # Start to track time
  $ cd $HOME/git/my-project
  $ tt start
  # Work, work, work, cd ..., do other stuff
  $ tt stop

A bit more complex:

  # Start to work on an event and add a tag
  $ tt start -t ISSUE-999 -p some-project-at-work
  # Add another tag to the same event and add a --comment
  $ tt stop -t GITHUB-1005 "Today I was mostly in meetings"


Each action can tak -h for more details. Example:

  $ tt start -h


This command can be used to rewrite one all all the log entries.

  # Edit the last entry with your favorite $EDITOR
  $ tt edit

  # Edit a given file with your favorite $EDITOR
  $ tt edit ~/.TimeTracker/2017/12/20171220-092000_rg.trc

  # Rewrite all the log entries with a perl script
  # See source code before running this action. (Internals might change)
  $ cat | tt edit

DISCLAIMER! Backup your files before running this action!


This will export a given set of records as CSV.

  $ tt log         # this month
  $ tt log -2      # two months ago
  $ tt log year    # log for year
  $ tt log -1y     # last year
  $ tt log -p foo  # Filter by project name


This command will report how much time you have spent on various events.

  $ tt log         # this month
  $ tt log -2      # two months ago
  $ tt log year    # log for year
  $ tt log -1y     # last year
  $ tt log -p foo  # Filter by project name


This command is used to import data from other sources. "project-name" default to "-p" or current git project, "some description" default to "-d" and tags can be specified by -t foo -t bar

  $ tt register 2016-06-28T09:00:00 17:00:00 "project-name" "some description" "foo,bar"
  $ echo "2016-06-28T09:00:00\t2016-06-28T17:00:00\tproject-name\tsome description\tfoo,bar" | tt register


This command will start tracking a new event. It will also stop the current event if any event is in process. This action takes the "-p" and "-t" switches. "-p" (project) is not required if you start from a git repository.

  # Specify a tag and custom project name
  $ tt start -t ISSUE-999 some-project-name

  # Started working at 08:00 instead of now
  $ tt start 08:00


This is the default action and will return the current status: Are you working on something or not?

  $ tt status


This command will stop tracking the current event.

  # Add more tags to the current event
  $ tt stop -t meetings -t not_fun

  # Stop working at 16:00 instead of now
  $ tt stop 16:00


Copyright (C) 2014, Jan Henning Thorsen

This program is free software, you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the Artistic License version 2.0.


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