App::hopen::AppUtil - utility routines used by App::hopen


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Find the hopen files applicable to the given build directory. Returns a list of hopen files, if any, to process for the given directory. Hopen files match * or Usage: Also locates context files. For example, when processing ~/foo/.hopen, Check will also find ~/foo.hopen if it exists.

    my $files_array = find_hopen_files(
        [$proj_dir[, $dest_dir[, $ignore_MY_hopen]]])

If no $proj_dir is given, the current directory is used.

If $ignore_MY_hopen is truthy, $dest_dir will not be checked for a file.

The returned files should be processed in left-to-right order.

The return array will include a context file if any is present. For $dir eq '/foo/bar', for example, /foo/ is the name of the context file.


Find a file, if any. Returns undef if none is present.