Author image Robert Drake
and 1 contributors


App::Tel::Passwd - Methods for managing App::Tel::Passwd:: modules


    my $name = App::Tel::Passwd::load_module($password_module, $file, $passwd);

Loads the module for the specified password store type. Returns the module's namespace.


    my $password = input_password($prompt);

Prompts the user for a password then disables local echo on STDIN, reads a line and returns it.


    my $password = keyring($user, $domain, $group);

Reads a password from a keyring using Passwd::Keyring::Auto if it's available. If the password isn't found the user is prompted to enter a password, then we try to store it in the keyring.


    my $pass = load_from_profile($profile);

Given an App::Tel profile, see if it contains entries for Passwd modules. If it does attempt to load them and return the password associated.

I'm not too happy with the flexibility of this, but I think it will get the job done for right now.