App::Colorist::Ruleset - Helper syntax for building colorist rulesets


version 0.150460


  ruleset {
      rule qr{Starting (\S+)\.\.\.}, qw( message program );
      rule qr{Finished processing (http://([\w.]+)/) \.\.\.}, qw( 
          message url hostname


This defines a special syntax that may be used in ruleset configuration files for defining a ruleset.



  ruleset {
      # rules go in here ...

There may only be exactly one ruleset per ruleset configuration and all "rule" directives must be placed inside it.


  rule qr{Starting (\S+)\.\.\.}, qw( message program );

Within a "ruleset", there may be zero or more rule directives. Each is given a regular expression to be used to match against a single line of text. Every match starts with an implicit "^" and ends with an implicit "$", so it must match an entire line.

After the regular expression, you must include a list of color names to assign each part of the match. This list must have at least one element in it, which is used for the entire line match. There must also be one for each group of parenthesis in the regular expression.

It is perfectly acceptable to use nested matches. As of this writing, there must be a fixed number of group matches, though. If you need to match groups like (...)*, there's no way to name them at this time, so don't do that.


Andrew Sterling Hanenkamp <>


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