Acme::Dahut - A module for the Higher Circles


  use Acme::Dahut qw(:right); # dies, this is a left dahut
  use Acme::Dahut qw(:left);

  my $dahut = Acme::Dahut->new;


Acme::Dahut is the produce of the deranged imaginations of the #axkit Higher Circles.

As far as I know, it's the only module the constructor of which returns a blessed LVALUE. But this is to be expected, as it powerfully captures the business logic of a Left Dahut.


  • new

    Makes a new dahut.

  • call

    Call the dahut. If you're good you'll get to catch it.


One of the main centers of dahut-lore is #axkit, on (or for us euros).

You may find an occasional mention of dahut-knowledge from, but just as well you may not. Such is the way of the dahut.

The current ultimate reference is .

A collection of Zen Dahut Poetry by Kip Hampton and Barrie Slaymaker is confidently expected any decade now.


Robin Berjon,; with folks from the #axkit conspiracy including but not limited to ubu, c, briac, and acme. Of course, this is without mentionning the names of those that built the Dahut. Or maybe it is. Or maybe just some. It depends on the Cycle.

Thanks also to pepl, barries, baud, phish108, and others which I probably forget (also unrelated folks).


Copyright (c) 2001 Robin Berjon. All rights reserved. This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.