Contributing to ppll

ppll is a free and open source software project, so contributions are welcome by default.

Please discuss all changes in issues or merge requests.

All changes to this project are handled in GitLab. Bug reports and feature requests should be reported as issues.

If you’d like to contribute with code, e.g. a bug fix or new feature, please open a merge request.

The maintainers reserve the rights to reject or modify all contributions.

And lastly, if you have contributed something but no-one thanked you, that’s a bug. 😉 So thanks in advance! 🖤


Please update all affected documentation in the same merge request (but not necessarily the same commit) as the code changes.

All code should be formatted using Perl::Tidy and the .perltidyrc file in the repository, and cause no Perl::Critic errors (the pipelines will test this).