Revision history for Perl extension Log-Dispatch-CronoDir

0.06 2016-09-13T05:03:26Z

    - Make "permission" optional.
      When not specified, creating directory's permissions are based on current umask.

0.05 2016-06-16T12:20:21Z

    - Skip directory permissions test on Windows OS

0.04 2016-06-13T05:55:14Z

    - Remove Test::Pretty from dependencies

0.03 2016-06-13T05:26:11Z

    - Add an option for directory permissions

0.02 2016-06-12T04:18:34Z

    - Remove named capture in regex to keep compatibility with Perl 5.8

0.01 2016-06-11T13:11:56Z

    - original version