Revision history for Perl extension Juno

0.010   18.12.14
        * Fix hanging on Windows if AnyEvent::Ping is not present.
          (thanks, Alexandr Ciornii)
        * Fix more hanging. (thanks, Graham Knop @haarg)

0.009   10.02.13
        * Added pure Ping test (thanks, BelGoat).
        * Documentation overhaul.
        * Avoid loading Class::MOP.
        * Really really really don't depend on Moose.
        * Reinstated finer-grained type constraints.
        * Rewrote HTTP check test (thanks for the heads up, BelGoat).
        * Shave some seconds off the testing.
        * Code cleanup.
        * More modern usage of MooseX::Role::Loggable.

0.008   22.07.12
        * Fixing lazy-yet-required attribute with subclassing that adds a
          builder as well.

0.007   22.07.12
        * Convert to Moo.
        * RawCommand's exit status was still checked even when we couldn't
          deserialize it (or if it didn't exist). We return in case that
          happens (on_fail and on_result will both still get called).

0.006   18.07.12
        *'s analyze_ping_result returns the IP found.

0.005   16.07.12
        * Adding "after" timer attribute (Fayland Lam).
        * Change "interval" timer attribute from Int to Num (Fayland Lam).

0.004   15.07.12
        * Add MooseX::Role::Loggable.

0.003   12.07.12
        * Fix interpolation in FPing's fping command.
        * Add on_result support for TCP check.

0.002   12.07.12
        * Adding TCP (reported by Tal Fishler).
        * Small fixes.

0.001   22.04.12
        * First release of Juno, a Perl general purpose checker.