0.014 5 Dec 2019

 - for X11 fetch the window image from the root window instead of
   trying to fetch from the specified window, clipping to the window.
   This fixes black images in some cases.

0.013 11 Jan 2013

 - use Imager::Probe to find libraries instead of custom code

 - require XSLoader without the DynaLoader fallback

0.012 8 Mar 2012

 - add support for screen capture on OS X Lion.

 - now requires Imager 0.88 for i_psamp()

0.011 23 Nov 2011

- transition to git

- allow builds on MSVC, there was a statement mixed in with some
  Thanks to Sri Vedurumudi for the report.

- update Devel::CheckLib to avoid C< for qw(...) >

- update ppport.h to avoid a redefinition warning

- add some META.yml metadata

- quote spaces in -I and -L options to avoid problems on Win32.

0.010 18 Oct 2010

- multiple monitor support for Win32

0.009_001 11 Oct 2010

- add Darwin (Apple Mac OS X) support

- test release to see how broken it is

0.009 15 Jun 2010

- check for Win32 support with Devel::CheckLib if we don't find them

0.008 21 Sep 2009

- document that screenshot() returns nothing on failure and the cause
  can be found with Imager->errstr

- use META_MERGE instead of EXTRA_META to set configure/build_requires

0.007 13 Apr 2008

- wait for the widget to be displayed before doing the delay that
  takes the screenshot.  This forces the widget to be displayed on
  loaded machines.
  Thanks to Slaven Rezic.

- die with a message automated cpan testers treat as a non-fail when
  we can't find the needed headers and libraries.

0.006 9 Apr 2008

- screenshot() on a non-toplevel Tk widget would crash when
  calling the frame method.  Since this call appears to be
  unnecessary I've removed it, and plan to run tests on a few
  platforms to check I haven't broken anything.
  RT #32843 - thanks to Slaven Rezic.

- improved the error messages displayed when headers and libraries
  can't be found

- added --incpath and --libpath options to Makefile.PL and also look
  in $ENV{IM_INCPATH} and $ENV{IM_LIBPATH} like Imager.

- document the widget parameter

- document that overlapping windows will show in a captured image.

- add appropriate configure_requires and build_requires to META.yml
  so that automated testers will install those pre-requisites early

0.005 12 Mar 2007
	- 0.005 release
	- added a TODO section to the POD
	- include NA in the die output from Makefile.PL if we can't
	  find supported GUI libraries/headers (RT #24486)
	- screenshot() no longer leaks image objects caused by the Imager
	  typemap bug (RT #24992)

0.004 23 Jan 2007
	- 0.004 release
	- add ppport.h for 5.005_03 support
	- t/30tkx11.t now provides a default gemoetry to prevent
	  a wait for window placement on window managers that do that
	  (like TWM - RT #24445)
	- set tags in the resulting image
	- remove an unused variable
	- add support for getting a subimage of the window
	- include the interface header in the implementations so we
	  get errors when they don't match (doh!)
	- return something from the X11 error handler
	- add X11/Xutil.h include for XDestroyImage()
	- handle the default (no id or hwnd) case correctly

0.003 12 Jan 2007
	- 0.003 release
	- ignore some VC++ generated junk in MANIFEST.SKIP
	- avoid some Makefile.PL warnings
	- use Imager in Makefile.PL since I'd prefer to error on that
	  rather than Imager::ExtUtils
	- work around Debian strangeness
	- the x11 capture wasn't releasing the XImage or the line
	  and color buffers.
	- x11_open() incorrectly reset the error handler to junk
	- Makefile.PL was checking /usr/X11R6 for headers instead of 
	- add header directories as -I flags if we find a header in
	- avoid duplicate -L flags

0.002 2 Jan 2007
	Just packaging changes:
	- README was missing
	- updated my EU::MM and I now set the LICENSE key so it's set
	  in META.yml

0.001 1 Jan 2007
	- Initial release with X11 and Win32 support