Revision history for perl module Syntax::Feature::Try

1.000   2014-10-08

    - Add support for subtypes from Moose::Util::TypeConstraints
    - (fix warnings in unit tests)

0.009   2013-09-06

    - Fix wrongly detected prerequisities for tests

0.008   2013-08-30

    - Fix missing initialization of class_name_sv=NULL
        (this leads to errors on *BSD)
    - Get rid of MooseX::Declare as a heavy dependency (in tests)

0.007   2013-04-27

    - Fix error: catch block without error variable is not working
        on some systems

0.006   2013-04-22

    - Fix error: catch block without error varible is not working
        on some systems

0.005   2013-04-19

    - Exception variable in catch block is not mandatory
    - Fix: always call finally block (even if exit() is called)
    - Fix mistypes in documentation

0.004   2013-04-12

    - Add support for using "return" inside try/catch/finally
        to return values from subrutine
    - fix try/catch/finally blocks context
        to wantarray inside these block return expected value

0.003   2013-04-05

    - Implement unimport (no syntax 'try';)
    - Fix "finally" block to propagate exceptions thrown inside
    - Raise error if "return" is called inside try/catch/finally block
    - Use PL_keyword_plugin API instead of Devel::CallParser
    - Fix missing aTHX/pTHX internal parameters in C-sources

0.002   2013-03-29

    - Update tests for "parse errors"

0.001   2013-03-25

    - First public version of module for try/catch/finally statement