Revision history for Perl extension Net::SAML2.

0.01_01  Mon  4 Oct 2010 12:47:56 BST

      Initial version. 

      This version will correctly perform Web Browser SSO, but
      with caveats. See the embedded documentation for details. 

0.10     Tue 11 Jan 2011 15:11:38 GMT

      First usable version.

      POD, tests, Moose, etc. 
      Embeds a local copy of XML::Sig

0.11     Wed 12 Jan 2011 21:07:42 GMT

      Test Updates

0.12     Thu 13 Jan 2011 12:59:02 GMT

      PAUSE-hide the local XML::Sig

0.14     Thu 13 Jan 2011 19:26:46 GMT

      Add SingleLogout with Redirect binding to SP metadata
      Rename local copy of XML::Sig.

0.15     Wed 09 Feb 2011 14:55:28 GMT

      Handle unwrapped base64 certificate data in IdP metadata.

0.16     Tue 01 Mar 2011 09:40:13 GMT

      Use the IdP's advertised NameID formats.

0.17     Fri 13 Jan 2012 13:41:23 GMT

      Handle the InclusiveNamespaces element in XML Signature
      Handle embedded certificate data presented without newlines.

0.17_06  Tue 2 May 2017


      Github Only fork

      e6efb23 (tag: v0.17_06) Bump version
      211ee5c Bump version
      b6abed4 Fix verify function to properly handle nodeset
              returns from ->find. ->find always returns something according
	      to the documentation. Check ->size to determine proper verify
	      method (cert, rsa, dsa).
      f7d26b9 Merge branch 'jfearn-devel'
      e5f3140 Clean up add in_response_to to  Assertation
      5d3256a Added support to for sha's > sha1 Fix to only grap
              the root signature, assertating sigs where breaking it Add some 
	      strictures and warnings
      b0adf09 Set proper case on XML::XPath attribute
      3184145 expose xpath object on the assertion
      6f46088 - merge post_with_cert branch > Accept cert_text in POST 
              constructor and pass along to XML::Sig   allows verification
	      using IDP metadata of POST data.
      45ef539 Add XML::Writer
      4e3ff81 - AuthnRequest XML generation moved to XML::Writer - Allow 
              Subject, AssertionConsumerServiceURL and protocol-binding - 
	      Remove requirement of Destination attribute.
      a9a7492 (origin/idp_params) Allow slo_urls and art_urls to be undef
              - not required by SAMLv2 spec
      e3ccd0d Merge branch 'multiple_sig_support'
      2596d6a use Digest::SHA instead of Digest:SHA1
      a3e3deb add additional attribute 'key' to Net::SAML2::SP
      ebd4c76 simplify $idp->format() a bit
      13bc56d documentation updates
      48fc1cb improve compatibility with simplesamlphp
      710d85d tell encode_base64 to not add newlines to returned digest

0.19.05  Sat 4 May 2019


      Github release only

      b37bb43 Cleanup whitespace issues
      a0d3754 (origin/dev) Cleanup whitespace issues
      4cb8313 Bump Version
      6177d15 XML::Tidy is now a dependancy
      b034e7f Remove comments from XML before processing it
      8167478 Initial support to remove comments from XML
      894e6f3 Testing changes to remove comments
      6ecf28e nameid_format is not required
      aae8f3b NameIDFormat is optional in metadata
      a606e20 Update
              xsd:ID cannot start with a numberĀ·

      Github fork from

      9d2bcb5 Added parsing of substatus
      3d40cd9 Add validation of InResponseTo and fix a bug in assertion
      8bfc7c2 Have issuer and destination be populated for all messages
      9818895 Bugfix: due to an upstream bug, attributes parsing did
              not work when using custom namespace aliases
      4fea809 Make CA validation optional; add assertion_index and 
      038d418 One more fix for namespace declarations
      dd06637 Fix namespace declarations for AuthnRequest
      cc77b85 Allow empty AuthnContextClassRef and AuthnContextDeclRef
      91509f5 Quotes
      29f74d9 Added RequestedAuthnContext to AuthnRequest
      7f459c3 Added nameidpolicy_format to AuthnRequest
      6ba6096 Added issuer_namequalifier and issuer_format to AuthnRequest
      6cc8de3 Bugfix: X509Certificate was not read when input XML didn't use
              the 'ds:' alias
      1489051 Make the AuthnRequest attributes writeable
      f37bdbd Make IdP certificate verification emit a warning instead of 

0.20.03 TRIAL

      The following people have contributed code and fixed issues since
      the last official version 0.17 by Chris Andrews

      Alessandro Ranellucci <>
      Jeff Fearn <>
      Mike Wisener <>
      Mike Wisener <>
      Peter Marschall <>
      Timothy Legge <>
      xmikew <>

      Based on Github repo

      6657a95 Delete dynamic packaging files and update version
      225a3b4 Missed a trailing space
      12230c8 Fix the end of lines
      f353d18 Update changes since 0.17 add repo ref
      2b6f908 Update changes since 0.17
      34b7ce3 Fix #12 Some tests are always passing
      6be1c12 Fix Issue #6 - cert required in Binding/Redirect
      772f26f Fix Issue #4 - Missing paramaters in SYNOPSIS
      17e5aa4 Add additional pod coverage
      7d3a69f Fix pod syntax

0.20     Mon 13 Apr 2020 22:25 UTC

      First official release since 0.17
      See Changes for updates includes in prior unofficial releases

      b2af5f7 Ignore Build directories and Build archives
      4293ece Delete file added by mistake and increment version number
      bcfcc21 Embedded tabs to Space
      f792089 Protocol/ improve documentation and test for in_response_to
      f7e3965 Improve Redirect dobumentation
      474f1b7 Fix lib/Net/SAML2/ docs
      3087931 Fix up AuthnRequest docs and improve test
      4caff6b Add Contributors to dist.ini
      bd665c4 (additional-tests) Improve AuthnReq documentation
      a492107 Add link to github repo
      6fb076c Create
      963d871 (tag: 0.20.03-TRIAL) Add dist.ini
      f4232c2 Update changes for 0.20.03 TRIAL

0.25    TBD

      What happened to version v0.21 to v0.24?

      The version of the embeded XML::Sig was higher that that of Net::SAML2
      which causes some issues in packaging so this release simply skipped the
      versions 0.21 to 0.24.  Not much else to say

      Minor changes for the most part but a requested release based on the 
      removal of XML::Cannonical.  In fact that could be the only functionality
      change present.

      80db64d Add provides section of META
      8b39923 Add github action to test build
      38b05fd Make t/author/podcoverage.t a developer only test
      7473f54 XML::Canonical was removed as an option due to its age
      50d4314 t/09-authn-request.t: update tests for signed requests
      bf07c83 Generate META.json via dist.ini
      cac4ad7 Add missing pod info for Protocol/
      b260946 Update