Revision history for Test-Mocha

0.67    2019-02-05

    - Add compile tests.
    - Make UNIVERSAL::ref required again because of tests failing on Perl
      versions less than 5.025.

0.66    2019-02-04

    - Revert the change from 0.65 because it broke spies.
    - Make UNIVERSAL::ref optional because it can't be installed on Perl 5.025
      and above.

0.65    2019-01-13

    Pass spy when dispatching to real object method to enable stubbed
    methods to be dispatched indirectly when it is called from another
    method in the original object.

0.64    2015-09-30

    Fixed a bug with TODO not being looked for in the right place
    due to $Test::Builder::Level not being restored after being modified.
    This wasn't detected due to a bug in a test. (Thanks exodist!).

0.63    2015-09-05

    Make the latest development release official.

0.62_02 2015-08-14

    - Use Devel::PartialDump again, since bug fixes have been released.
    - Enable multiple method calls from multiple mocks/spies to be captured
      simultaneously in stub(), called_ok(), or inspect().

0.62_01 2015-08-05

    - Cleared out the namespaces of Mock and Spy as much as possible to avoid
      getting in the way of AUTOLOAD.
    - Added tests to make sure we keep the namespacees clean.
    - Resolved failing tests in t/called_ok.t caused by Test::More v0.98.
      The issue was resolved in Test::More v0.98_05.
    - Stop skipping test_out(qr//) tests for newer versions of
      Test::Builder::Tester. The issue was resolved in Test::More v0.99_01.

0.62    2015-07-24

    - Introducing: spy() for creating spies.
    - Restructured internals to use proper methods instead of avoiding
      polluting namespace of mock objects. Their names begin with 2 underscores
      to mark them as private to the distribution.

0.61    2015-04-23

    - Added class_mock() for mocking class methods and module functions
      (Scott Davis)

0.60_02 2014-10-28

    - Fix travis-ci configuration.

0.60_01 2014-10-04

0.60    2014-08-22

    - Added function prototypes to trim down syntax (API change).
      stub() and inspect() are no longer backwards compatible for v0.21 API.
    - Apply perltidy and perlcritic to code.

0.50    2013-11-18  Major interface change

    - dies() is now throws().
    - verify() is now called_ok().
    - stub(), called_ok() and inspect() now take a coderef with a method
      spec instead of a mock object.
    - Backwards compatibility has been maintained with deprecation warnings.
    - Carp 1.11 is no longer supported.

0.21_02 2013-10-24

    - Enable isa(), DOES() and can() to be stubbed and verified.
    - Fix test failure with Carp 1.11 where Carp::Heavy calls ref() on mocks.
    - Skip failing tests with Test::Builder::Test 1.23_002 where
      `test_out(qr//)` does not work because it tries to stringify `qr//`.

0.21    2013-10-16

    - Fix test failure with Carp 1.32 where CARP_TRACE is called on mocks.

    [Internal modifications to Devel::PartialDump]
    - Removed Moose dependency
    - Removed all functions (only dump() remains as a method)
    - Minor bug fixes:
        - 'list_delim' attribute is now used to separate lists.
        - 'max_length' attribute with value 0 now dumps '...'.
        - Object dumps have '=' after the class name.

0.20    2013-10-11

    - Allow ref() to be stubbed.
    - Provide better diagnostics with method call history and caller info
      when verify() fails.
    - Make Moose an optional prerequisite.

0.19    2013-09-18

    - Add inspect_all() function.
    - Remove Exception::Tiny test dependency.
    - Fix returns() and dies() when no arguments.

0.18    2013-09-13

    - Fix tests for Perl versions older than 5.014 (operator precedence for
      bitwise '&').
    - Make matcher_moose.t optional using Test::Requires.
    - Stub executes() should be given mock $self as its first argument.

0.17    2013-09-10

    - Set version dependency for Types::Standard to 0.008 when InstanceOf
      was introduced.

0.16    2013-09-04

    - Fix for Perl versions older than 5.014 (s/// operator with /r switch).

0.15    2013-09-02

    - Don't let AUTOLOAD() handle DESTROY().
    - Added stubbing with callbacks.

0.14    2013-08-30

    - Made inspect() public.
    - Removed Moose and other dependencies.

0.13    2013-08-26

    - Distribution fix (no modules were provided).

0.12    2013-08-26

    - Added support for using Type::Tiny type constraints as matchers.

0.11    2013-08-16

    - Forked from Test-Magpie.
    - Removed deprecated functions.
    - Refined documentation.

0.10    2013-08-12

    - Changed when->then_return to stub->returns.

    [Stub behaviour changed to match Mockito]
    - The last stubbed response persists.
    - New stubs take precedence over older stubs.

0.09    2013-08-03

    - Export main functions by default.
    - Add optional parameter $test_name to verify().

0.08    2013-07-22

    - Fixed use of smartmatching and removed warnings
    - Improved verify() print messages
    - Added Mock::can() method

0.07    2013-07-15

    - Deprecated at_least() and at_most() functions.
    - Added verify() options: at_least, at_most and between.
    - Added argument checks for public functions.
    - Added more comprehensive tests.

0.06    2013-07-03

    - Enable calling ref() on mock object to return a specified type.