Revision history for Perl extension Moxie

0.04 2017-09-27
    - moved the Moxie::Slot::Intitializer class to
      the MOP instead of here
    - lexical private lvalue slot accessors are now
      always generated, no need to specify them

    - removed the B::CompilerPhase::Hook dependency
      and just use straight up Devel::Hook instead
    - removed the PadWalker dependency because we
      can now generate the slot accessor at BEGIN
      time and install them with Sub::Inject
    - added Sub::Inject dependency
    - bump the MOP dependency to support use of the
      MOP::Slot::Initializer class

0.03 2017-08-17
    - generous typo fixes from my internet friends
        - Pierre Vigier
        - Evan Carroll

    - the way the BUILDARGS:init_args trait works now
      is very different and not backwards compatible
        - added tests in t/100-annotations/010-init-args.t
        - docs added to the Moxie module
        - This change is NOT backwards compatible

    - `has` now (also) takes a set of option pairs and
       generates the correct initializer based on those
        - docs added to the Moxie module
        - This change is backwards compatible

    - classes can now be loaded at runtime
        - added tests for this

    - version bump for BEGIN::Lift and Method::Traits
      to make sure classes can be loaded at runtime

    - version bump for MOP to better support the
      custom slot initializer usage

0.02 05-07-2017
    - fixing missing dependency (PadWalker)
    - fixing some simple kwalitee issues

0.01 21-06-2017
    - Initial release to an unsuspecting world