Revision history for Perl extension Method-Traits

0.06 2017-10-23
    - We stopped removing the MODIFY_CODE_ATTRIBUTE method
    - We removed the Method::Traits::Trait class as
      that is now a part of the MOP
    - Removed some class methods that were for associating
      Trait objects with Method objects which is now done
      entirely in the MOP instead
    - Removed the rest of the class methods that were for
      associating providers with classes, this can now
      only be done via the `use` API

    - remove the B::CompilerPhase::Hook dependency
    - the MOP dependency has been upgraded to the latest

0.05 2017-08-14
    - I was mistakenly assuming this would work under
      `require`, but it didn't, ... so now it does.

0.04 2017-05-08
    - traits now get the MOP::Method instance instead
      of only the name, this means all trait code will
      need to be re-written to handle this, no attempt
      at back compat will be made.
        - I did tell you in 0.03 that things were still
          in flux
        - So you really only have yourself to blame
        - updated tests and docs accordingly

0.03 2017-02-23
    - added a warning to the docs about things
      still being in a state of flux
    - handle the string 'undef' in trait, convert
      it into proper undef value
        - added tests for this

0.02 2017-02-14
    - Improved parsing of multi-line attributes
    - switch test to use JSON::PP, which is core
    - specify the need for Perl 5.14.5 as minimum version
        - explain this in the docs

0.01 2017-02-07
    - Initial release to an unsuspecting world