2010-03-27  Steffen Schwigon  <ss5@vinyl.webit.de>

	* 0.11

	* distribution maintenance for newer CPAN toolchains

	* moved repository to git

2006-06-09  Steffen Schwigon  <schwigon@cpan.org>

	* 0.10

	* Separate distribution sourced out of
	* read_topic() bugfix for TWiki 4.0.2:
	The new TWiki version has a different topic raw view mode: the
	TEXTAREA isn't inside a FORM. Because of this, read_topic() always
	returns empty content. Problem fixed with patch while maintaining
	backwards compatibility (I suppose, but I couldn't test it on
	older TWiki installations). Reported by Aleksander Adamowski.
	* name of sub _htm(p)lparse_get_text() corrected
2005-07-31 ... 2005-01-06  Steffen Schwigon  <schwigon@cpan.org>

	* Version 0.09...0.01 as Acme::PM::Dresden::TWikiClient.
	  Here is the accumulated change log:

	* attach_to_topic() for uploading files.

	* Test::Distribution and Test::Pod::Coverage only used if
	explicitely required, because I don't want to fail remote
	installation due to those modules, which might change in future.

	* save_topic didn't work with some skins, as reported by
	Aleksander Adamowski. Now there's better save_topic handling,
	hopefully skin independent.

	* "Release edit lock" handling

	* more correct regexes for orientation in pages

	* renamed auxiliary (i.e., non-API) methodnames to _methodname()
	* extended and fixed documentation
	* POD fixes

	* Complete example script that migrates a VQWiki to TWiki

	* verbose mode

	* Bugfixes