Revision history for UR

0.11    2009-07-30
        Fix bug in merge between database/in-memory data sets with changes.

0.10    2009-07-22
        Updates to the UR::Object::Type MOP documentation.
        Other documentation cleanup and file cleanup.

0.9     2009-06-19
        Additional build fixes.

0.8     2009-06-17
        David's build fixes.

0.7     2009-06-10
        Fix to build process: the distribution will work if you do not have Module::Install installed.

0.6     2009-06-07
        Fixed to build process: actually install the "ur" executable.

0.5     2009-06-06 
        Updates to POD.  Additional API updates to UR::Object.

0.4     2009-06-04
        Updates to POD.  Extensive API updates to UR::Object.

0.3     2009-05-29
        Fixed memory leak in cache pruner, and added additional debugging environment variable.
        Additional laziness on file-based data-sources.
        Updated lots of POD.
        Switched to version numbers without zero padding!

0.02    2009-05-23
        Cleanup of initial deployment issues.
        UR uses a non-default version of Class::Autouse.  This is now a special file to prevent problems with the old version.
        Links to old DBIx::Class modules are now gone.
        Updated boolean expression API.

0.01    2009-05-07 
        First public release for Lambda Lounge language shootout.