Revision history for Text-VimColor

0.28      2017-08-07T03:09:07Z

  - Fix tests for 5.26

0.27      2017-08-07T01:42:02Z

  - Fix installer for 5.24.1+

0.26      2015-03-21T04:14:25Z

  - Fix test failures for vim 6.
  - Use Test::File::ShareDir to simplify testing.

0.25      2015-02-28T23:41:39Z

  - Add 'all_syntax_groups' option to enable additional syntax groups
    instead of just the primary ones.  Thanks Hinrik Örn Sigurðsson!

0.24      2014-04-13T18:16:06Z

  - Simplify encoding tests and mark a few as TODO
    while the library undergoes some refactoring.

0.23      2013-02-02T16:28:57Z

  - Attempt to do the right thing with character strings:
    Encode them in UTF-8, tell vim the file encoding (UTF-8),
    and return a (decoded) character string.
    Thanks to Ricardo Signes for the very helpful report (gh-1).

0.22      2012-10-29T23:36:29Z

  - The included 'text-vimcolor' script will attempt to load
    Win32::Console::ANSI on windows when printing ANSI to STDOUT
    in an attempt to make the output more useful.
  - Add a basic test to ensure the script still operates

0.21      2012-09-07T00:02:48Z

  - Add 'extra_vim_options' to be able to append options to the defaults

0.20      2012-08-11T02:05:18Z

  - Releasing as stable.

0.19-TRIAL 2012-07-28T03:44:54Z

  - Use IPC::Open3 for portability instead of doing fork/exec manually.
  - Various other fixes to attempt to make this usable on Windows.
    Thanks to Yasuhiro Matsumoto (mattn) for helping to port to Windows (gh-5).

0.18      2012-07-21T02:22:55Z

  [Bug Fix]
  - bin/text-vimcolor: Exit after printing usage when --help is specified
    (previous version continued to wait for STDIN).
    Thanks to Vyacheslav Matyukhin for the pull req (gh-6).

  - Try to show any available version information before aborting Makefile.PL

0.17      2012-03-22T02:49:27Z

  - Minor installation and test fixes for older systems

0.16      2012-03-21T17:38:45Z

  - Simplify version detection using vim script

  - Mark encoding tests as TODO tests for now (still under development)

0.15      2012-03-18T23:43:36Z

  - Remove extraneous vim statement that caused delays on
    some files.  Thanks to Joe Mullally (jhackworth)
    for finding this and for the vim profiling tips (gh-2).

  - Abort Makefile.PL before writing Makefile if minimum vim not found
  - Try not to hang the installation if an old vim is found
  - Lower Term::ANSIColor requirement to 1.03
    and make bright colors normal if Term::ANSIColor version < 3

  - Document that the minimum vim version is 6.
    (It has been that way since 2003.)

  - Allow debugging based on TEXT_VIMCOLOR_DEBUG env var
  - Attempt to make tests more portable across vim versions
    (addressing rt-75829 and a few sparse smoke reports).
  - Reorganize the test suite increasing coverage and number.

0.14      2011-10-20T17:09:53Z

  - Add test to confirm fix of rt-50646.
  - Silence 'untie' warnings.

0.13      2011-08-15T23:10:00Z

  - Exit Makefile.PL early if `vim` fails to execute.
    (Nothing else will work after that.)
  - Bump required version of Term::ANSIColor to 3.0.
    (Please let me know if this causes problems for anyone.)

  [Dist Meta Changes]
  - Convert to Dist::Zilla for releasing
  - Use File::ShareDir to manage included files consistently
  - Simplify and organize documentation and tests

0.12     2011-08-09T19:33:16Z

  - Add Term::ANSIColor support
    Closes RT #69338.
  - Add '-n' (no swapfile) option (thanks hinrik.sig).
    Closes RT #45623.

  [Bug Fixes]
  - Set $ENV{HOME} to keep user-customized syntax files from
    breaking tests.  Closes RT #68513.
  - Untie STD(IN|OUT|ERR) in child process (thanks shiar).
    Closes RT #50646.

  [Maintenance Status Change]
  - Co-maintenance granted to Randy Stauner (RWSTAUNER) by PAUSE admins.
    Much appreciation to Geoff Richards (GEOFFR) for his initial work.

0.11     2006-02-19T19:32:27Z

  * No code changes, just packaging fixes.

0.10     2006-02-19T00:22:35Z

  * Be more careful about how 'exec' is called (belt & braces)

  * Improve error reporting.  Errors printed by the 'vim' command,
    as well as problems reported from 'exec' (like not being able
    to find the program) will now be reported (by getting passed
    through a temporary file).  Also, some 'die' calls were changed
    to 'croak'.

  * Allow the 'filetype' option to be overridden for each file
    processed, so that an object can be reused for multiple files
    of different types.

  * Provide a help/usage message in the text-vimcolor program.

  * Document which other CPAN modules use Text::VimColor, since
    you might find one of them be more useful than using it

  * Various small corrections to the documentation.

0.09     2005-02-19T13:28:28Z

  * Allow Vim options to be set with ':let' and provide a default
    option to make shell scripts be interpretted as Bash syntax,
    since it's a superset of Bourne shell.  Added corresponding
    options to 'text-vimcolor' script.

  * Added "+set nomodeline" option to Vim for belt-and-braces
    security.  Vim shouldn't read modelines with the default
    configuration enforced by the other options, but there's
    no harm being extra cautious.  Suggested by Ian Langworth.

  * If the 'vim' command fails, print the correct exit code in
    the error message.  Thanks to Smylers for the fix, and for
    reporting all the following bugs.
    (closes CPAN bug #11556).

  * Add documentation for the 'filetype' option to 'new()'.
    (closes CPAN bug #11558).

  * Document and test for using a reference to a scalar rather
    than just a plain scalar as the 'string' argument to 'new()'
    and the argument to 'syntax_mark_string()'.  It was already
    implemented but was mistakenly documented as a TODO.
    (closes CPAN bug #11557).

  * Document potential problem from CPAN bug #11555.

0.08     2004-02-25T22:03:17Z

  * Tab characters weren't comming out right (you get "^I" instead
    of a literal tab).  Added ":set isprint+=9" to mark.vim to fix
    that.  Spotted and patched by Mario Xerri.

  * For some reason the filetype wasn't getting set right, so I've
    changed mark.vim to do ":filetype detect" when it wasn't already
    detected, and that seems to make it work.

  * The XML output sometimes produced an extra '>' after the start
    tag of the root element.  Fixed.

  * Added new file 05xml.t to the test suite and changed most of
    the tests to use Test::More instead of Test.

0.07     2003-12-09T19:40:11Z

  * Now much faster!  By using the '-s' option when Vim is run, we
    avoid a 2 second delay while it tells us about the stdout not
    being connected to a terminal.  This only has an effect in Vim
    version 6.2 or later (behaviour changed in patch 6.1.191).

  * Fixed a bug reported by Giuseppe Maxia.  When Vim was run, it
    didn't do ":filetype on", so passing in a filetype explicitly
    didn't work.  It only worked if it could auto-detect the filetype.
    Added a test in 't/10cmp.t' which checks this, by using a string
    as input (so that there's no filename to guess the file type from).

0.06     2003-12-01T18:43:13Z

  * The files which were in the 'shared' directory (XSLT and CSS
    stylesheets and the Vim script) are now in 'lib/Text/VimColor/'
    so that they get installed in a place the module can discover.
    Thanks to Giuseppe Maxia and Slaven Rezic for the tips.

  * Path::Class is now used (and is therefore a new dependency) to
    construct paths to files more portably.

  * Less confusing one-line description of text-vimcolor script.
  * Added the 'MANIFEST' file to itself, so that it gets shipped.
  * Distribute this ChangeLog (for my unofficial Debian package)
    rather than one generated out of CVS.

0.05     2003-11-26T21:59:38Z

  * Include README file in distribution.

0.04     2003-11-26T19:54:43Z

  * Fixed bug in the feature which allows us to override where the
    Vim script is installed.

0.03     2003-11-26T19:40:20Z

  * Changed the namespace of the XML output.  This is definitely the
    final one.
  * Tweaked the behaviour of the 'input_filename()' method.
  * Minor adjustments to the documentation.
  * Added --debug option to the text-vimcolor program.

0.02     2003-09-27T18:28:16Z

  * Added a test suite, although it's not finished yet.
  * Deal with unexpected syntax types.
  * Throw an error if the input file doesn't exist.
  * Brought the documentation up to date.
  * Install the output of 'cvs2cl' as an upstream changelog.

0.0102   2003-03-13T22:26:41Z

  * Corrected 'Build-Depends' to not depend on Perl 5.8.
  * Changed 'Build-Depends' to 'Build-Depends-Indep' to keep Lintian happy.

0.0101   2003-01-04T18:44:11Z

  * Initial Release.