Revision history for Pod::Weaver::Plugin::StopWords

1.007     2013-08-17T17:06:49Z

  - Update pod 'ini' example to use the preferred dot separator.
    Thanks Karen Etheridge!

1.006     2013-04-27T03:49:41Z

  - Update release metadata.  No code changes.

1.005     2012-06-10T03:44:28Z

  - If =encoding directive is the first pod element
    put collected stopwords after it (instead of before).

1.004     2011-07-15T00:07:12Z

  - Update metadata

1.003     2011-04-14T22:29:08Z

  - Gather stopwords paragraphs from leftovers (Thanks Apocalypse!) [github 2]
  - Various superficial dist/release changes

1.002     2011-03-07T21:31:54Z

  - Fix test script to account for proposed changes to Pod::Weaver [github 1]

1.001005  2011-01-21T01:12:49Z

  - Document usage with Dist::Zilla::Stash::PodWeaver
  - Add 'include_copyright_holder' option (like 'include_authors')

1.000002  2010-12-17T03:58:20Z

  - No code changes
  - Support Module::Build
  - Specify required (latest) versions for
    Pod::Weaver, Pod::Elemental, and Test::Differences

1.000001  2010-12-16T16:51:52Z

  - Initial release