Revision history for Parse-ANSIColor-Tiny

0.500     2014-03-16T00:23:43Z

  [Backward Incompatible Changes]
  - By default escape sequences not relating to colors are removed.
    This can be disabled with a constructor argument.
  - Process 39/49 as foreground/background reset.

0.400     2011-11-19T18:11:12Z

  - Add 'auto_reverse' option
  - Add colors(), foreground_colors(), and background_colors()

  - Treat empty sequences as 0 (clear)
  - Limit exports to @EXPORT_OK rather than any sub
  - Localize $_ before using map
  - Turn reverse off with esc code 27
  - More tests

0.302     2011-11-14T18:34:58Z

  - Initial release