Revision history for HTML-FromANSI-Tiny

0.103     2014-03-16T01:56:14Z

  - Remove many terminal escape sequences not related to color
    (by bumping the prereq on Parse::ANSIColor::Tiny to 0.500).
    Thanks to Taiki Kawakami for the pull request!

0.102     2013-08-17T17:20:37Z

  - Sort css entries for consistent output on 5.18+ (to facilitate testing).
    Thanks Stephen Thirlwall!

0.101     2013-07-09T14:12:55Z

  - Add 'inline_style' boolean to enable output using style=""
    instead of class="".
  - Add 'styles' attribute for customizing styles.

0.100     2011-11-19T18:20:55Z

  - Initial release