Revision history for Dist::Zilla::Role::Stash::Plugins

1.006     2012-12-06T03:58:23Z

  [Bug Fixes]
  - Fix missing 'lazy' specification for slicer attribute
    made evident by hash randomization in perl 5.17.6.
    Thanks to Andreas K├Ânig for the very helpful report [rt-81716].

  - Fix a bug in the tests causing failures in some 5.8 perls.

1.005     2012-06-18T17:56:42Z

  - Unanchor the default argument_separator regexp so that array subscript
    config lines work.  Thanks to Keedi Kim for reporting this bug.

1.004     2011-10-19T23:36:58Z

  - Move much of the logic out to Config::MVP::Slicer

  [Incompatible Changes]
  - Drop the default 'join' functionality which probably wasn't a good idea.
    DZ Stash PodWeaver is the only dist declaring this role as a prereq
    and that has no attributes that could use it (no plain Str attributes).

1.003     2011-07-15T00:41:43Z

  - Superficial dist/release changes
  - Extra debug output in tests

1.002005  2010-12-16T16:37:12Z

  - Initial release