Revision history for Dist-Metadata

0.927     2017-01-09T02:41:39Z

  - Change tests to not rely on '.' in @INC.
    Thanks to Graham Knop for the pull request (gh-15).

0.926     2015-04-29T03:16:55Z

  - Always add local, perl5, and fatlib to ""
    for consistency with PAUSE.  Closes gh-12 and gh-14.
    Thanks to Sawyer X for the pull-req and the prodding.

0.925     2013-02-08T02:40:09Z

  - Specify 1.03 as minimum required version of Digest
    to ensure that it tries Digest::SHA.  Closes gh-6.

0.924     2012-11-10T17:38:33Z

  - Add 'module_info' method for getting additional data (like checksums)
    with the provided module hashref.  Thanks to Jeffrey Ryan Thalhammer
    for the suggestion.
  - Add 'file_checksum' method to the Dist::Metadata::Dist base class.

0.923     2012-06-19T03:13:55Z

  - By default, when determining packages, filter out packages
    that don't match the file name (ones that can't be loaded via use/require).
    This mimics the behavior of PAUSE.
    If you want the old behavior of including "inner" packages in the meta
    "provides" set "include_inner_packages" to true in the constructor.
    Thanks to Jeffrey Ryan Thalhammer for finding and fixing this
    (and including tests)!

0.922     2011-10-19T22:30:53Z

  - Let CPAN::Meta set release_status instead of defaulting to 'stable'.
    Fixes an issue with dev/alpha versions.
    Thanks to Jeffrey Ryan Thalhammer (thaljef) for reporting and fixing.

0.921     2011-09-09T23:10:21Z

  - Fix 'no_index' checking with non-unix paths.

0.920     2011-08-18T04:11:45Z

  [API Change]
  - Dist::extract_into() and Dist::physical_directory() now return just $dir
    in scalar context (and continue to return ($dir, @files) in list context)

  - Support zip archives (in addition to tar files).
    (Thanks to thaljef for reporting.)

  - Always include inc/, t/, and xt/ in meta/no_index.
    (Thanks to thaljef for reporting.)
  - Make return value of Dir::physical_directory() consistent with
    other subclasses.

0.915     2011-08-16T18:52:01Z

  - Remove warning for no packages found (thaljef).

0.914     2011-08-02T16:01:46Z

  - Use Path::Class::Dir's mkpath for simplicity/compatibility.
    Closes RT 69961.  Thanks to MELEZHIK for reporting.

0.913     2011-07-19T21:15:24Z

  - Pass paths to CPAN::DistnameInfo in Unix format.
    Thanks to jeroenl for figuring out that test failure on Win32.
    Closes RT 69585.

  - Remove unnecessary build file from release tarball

0.912     2011-07-14T23:38:40Z

  - Use CPAN::DistnameInfo to parse name/version from file name

0.911     2011-07-04T22:10:24Z

  - Fix test to use non-os specific paths in regexp

0.910     2011-07-03T00:06:00Z

  - Work around weird, possible perl bug (described at
    that made Struct->file_content return undef for IO-like objects

  - use Path::Class instead of File::Spec
  - ensure File::Spec::Native is available

  - Clarify details of module's purpose in Pod Description

  - Add dist format tests
  - Report version of JSON::PP (if any) installed to help debug
    troublesome smoke testing environments

0.904     2011-06-24T06:09:23Z

  - Fix path mismatch for "provides" when using Module::Metadata on Win32
  - Add more TODO ideas

0.903     2011-06-23T05:59:41Z

  - Load File::Spec (and subclasses) consistently

0.902     2011-06-23T05:51:42Z

  - Change determine_packages to always return paths in unix format
    (as required by CPAN::Meta::Spec)
  - Fix regexp path bugs on windows

  - Include 'xt/' in the default no_index:directory list

  - Add items to pod TODO list

0.901     2011-06-22T01:22:07Z

  - Initial release