Revision history for Win32-GUI-HyperLink

0.14     17 July 2009
         Released on CPAN.

- Moved source in to Git at Github:
- Now depends on Win32::GUI 1.02, which removes all the other

0.13     24 April 2005
         Released on CPAN, and at
         as PPM

 - Corrected name of to
 - Changed some private 'my' subs to regular subs to allow sub-classing
   to work properly.
 - Used Hook() to call event handlers, so that it works with both OEM
   and NEM.
 - Modified MouseIn and MouseOut event handlers to work with OEM.
 - Modified the way that API calls missing in Win32::GUI are checked,
   and only fallback to Win32::API when absolutely necessary
 - Updated the documentation.

0.12     28 February 2005
         Released on CPAN, and at
         as PPM

 - Removed left-over debug print statements
 - Moved under CVS - added keywords to all files; getting VERSION from
   release tag
 - Tidyied up demo script to correctly reference Win32::GUI::HyperLink
 - Removed Makefile.PL dependancy on Win32::GUI::BitmapInline, as it
   is always distributed with Win32::GUI
 - Removed Version from POD documentation, as I don't expect the
   documentation to change with version releases.

0.11     20 February 2005
         Released to perl-win32-gui-users for comment

 - Wrote initial test suite
 - Made API backward compatible with Win32::GUI::Hyperink v0.02
 - Removed dependency on Win32::API - now we use it for additional
   functionality if it is available, otherwise we manage without. 
   ShellExecute() is used if available (as it is faster and cleaner),
   but we fallback to using 'system start,$url'.  LoadCursor is used
   is available, but if not we fallback to an inlined cursor. 
   GetCapture is used if available - if it is not the the dynamic
   link underlining and onMouseIn/Out calls are not available.
 - Added fallback cursor using Win32::GUI::BitmapInline, in case
   we cannot load the default windows cursor for any reason (e.g.
   we don't have access to Win32::API).  If Win32::GUI::Bitmap::Inline
   is not available, then we simple don't change the cursor.
 - Correct VERSION format to x.xx for CPAN modules
 - removed Set/ReleaseCapture dependency on Win32::API, as these calls
   are already available in Win32::GUI 1.0
 - Added Win32::GUI::Window::AddHyperLink function to allow for
   Win32::GUI's standard $parent->AddControl interface.
 - Updated demo code to show new AddHyperLink usage
 - Turned comments into pod documentation, and completed documentation

0.10     15 February 2005
         First version by Robert May announced on perl-win32-gui-users
         mailing list for comment.

 - Complete re-write of code, original module only came to light after
   this release.

0.02    2001(?)
        Original version available on perl-win32-gui-users list

$Id: Changes,v 1.3 2005/04/24 17:29:06 Robert May Exp $