Revision history for Tickit-Console

0.07    2014/09/08 19:30:44
         * Added ->prepend_line, allowing pre-history text to be inserted at
           the top of a scroller
         * Split out Tickit::Console::Tab into its own file
         * Allow applications to specify a custom tab class
         * Support management of timestamps and datestamps in scroller history
         * Renamed ->add_line to ->append_line

0.06    2014/08/16 21:00:11
         * Allow ->add_tab with a make_widget CODEref to create a tab with a
           custom internal layout
         * Proxy for ->remove_tab and ->move_tab
         * Pass active tab into 'on_line' callbacks on them, rather than the
           main console object
         * Added ->bind_key at the console and tab level

0.05    2014/05/14 16:51:29
         * Fix t/01basic.t for the fact that a window clear operation now
           happens first

0.04    2013/11/09 16:49:48
         * Added a simple netcat-like client example

         * Fix unit test termlog expectations for recent Tickit changes

0.03    CHANGES:
         * Updated unit tests for visual style of Tickit::Widget:Tabbed 0.005
         * Make sure to declare dependency on Tickit::Widget::Entry

0.02    CHANGES:
         * Use new bottom-gravity behaviour of Tickit::Widget::Scroller 0.04

0.01    First version, released on an unsuspecting world.