Revision history for Devel-Refcount

0.10    CHANGES:
         * Added assert_oneref()

0.09    CHANGES:
         * Use Test::Fatal instead of Test::Exception
         * Provide fallback PP implementation using B
         * Don't skip Regexp tests dependent on Perl version since all stable
           Perl releases are fine now

(0.08 skipped because I messed up the alpha version numbering of 0.08_001. Oops).

0.07    CHANGES:
         * Don't use base 'Exporter'
         * Use XSLoader instead of DynaLoader

0.06    CHANGES:
         * Added SEE ALSO to Test::Refcount
         * Various small updates to keep CPANTS happy

0.05    CHANGES:
         * use warnings
         * Added (C) declaration to main file

0.04    BUGFIXES:
         * Declare ExtUtils::CBuilder and Module::Build as configure_requires

0.03    BUGFIXES:
         * TEMPORARY workaround for bleadperl's behaviour on Regexp references
         * Declare dependence on ExtUtils::CBuilder

0.02    BUGFIXES:
         * Make sure Regexp refs have count 1 even on perl 5.11, which seems
           to share references

         * Expanded documentation about the difference between refcount() and

0.01    First version, released on an unsuspecting world.