Revision history for Perl module CPAN::Releases::Latest

0.08 2017-03-06 NEILB
    - Changed the MetaCPAN source to use _source filtering rather
      than fields, as a recent change to MetaCPAN::Client stopped the
      old code from working. gh#1 reported by Paul Johnson.
    - Skip releases that don't have a download_url specified.
      This shouldn't really happen, but we're currently getting a few
      of these. Have reported as a bug in MetaCPAN API.

0.07 2015-11-06 NEILB
    - Updated github repo URL after changing my github username
    - Added [MetaJSON] to dist.ini so releases will contain a META.json
    - Updated xt/release/05-live-test.t -- it was referring to old
      releases that have been removed from CPAN since 0.06.

0.06 2014-05-22
    - The data for the index is now built by a plugin, with the default
      plugin being for MetaDATA. Suggested by BARBIE.
    - Added a distribution_iterator() method, which lets you iterate over
      the index dist by dist. For each dist you get one or two releases.

0.05_01 2014-04-30
    - Changed to model where the data for the index is retrieved by a plugin,
      and moved the MetaCPAN-specific code to be the default plugin.
      Suggested by BARBIE in RT#95196. This is a bit of quick hack,
      which is why it's a developer release :-)

0.05 2014-04-18
    - Moved t/03-live-test.t into xt/release - it was taking a long time to
      run for some people. Now I'll just run that test when releasing.
      Thanks to KENTNL for RT#94829.
    - Croak if we're presented with a data file which has a later format
      revision than the running version of the module supports.
    - Croak if we're passed a file to use, and it's in an earlier format.
    - Added a release test for the scenario where the cached file is in
      a previous format version, but within max_age. Make sure we rebuild cache.

0.04 2014-04-16
    - MetaCPAN::Client 1.001001 had a fix which means we can now use its
      iterator interface, instead of using the Elasticsearch scroller.
      Thanks to Mickey.
    - Added more documentation.

0.03 2014-04-15
    - I was using '//' but only requiring perl 5.006. Switched it to '||',
      as I could safely use it in that situation. Thanks again CPAN Testers.

0.02 2014-04-14
    - Split _build_cached_index() into two separate private methods,
      one for getting the info from MetaCPAN, and the other for building
      the cached index.
    - Added a live test, t/03-live-test.t
    - Added description of max_age parameter to new()
    - Added a SEE ALSO section to the doc

0.01 2014-04-12
    - First release to CPAN