=== 2012/03/03	0.903

Bumping required version for File::Slurp::Remote

=== 2011/07/26  0.902

Bugfix for RemoteDependencyJob.

=== 2011/06/29  0.901

Major rewrite: moved DependencyQueue features into 
the base JobQueue so that all JobQueue's can have 
dependency graphs.  Added EventQueue and deprecated
DependencyQueue.  Rewrote Sequence to use dependencies.

=== 2011/06/24	0.601

Deprecate the new() constructor of 
Proc::JobQueue::RemoteDependencyJob in favor of create()
since the parameters of new() don't make much sense.

Wrote regression tests for dependency jobs.  Fixed many bugs.

Updated documentation.

=== 2011/06/18	0.501

Proc::JobQueue::Move now deletes the orginal file when
moving files to remote hosts.

Proc::JobQueue::Sequence rewritten