Revision history for termpub

1.06 2019-07-25T13:49:38Z
  - Set correct rows value when computing columns
  - Bind return to next line
  - Bind Q to quit termpub without saving the reading position
  - Add message area
  - Write correct number of hyphens in status line
  - Improve handling of nav doc table of contents
  - Add new libraries to build-standalone (fixes #3)

1.05 2019-06-30T13:40:33Z
  - Find toc with manifest item[properties="nav"]
  - Handle trying to open not existing link
  - Dynamic screen width
  - Read config from configuration file
  - Render title and do not show tags
  - Add hyphenation support by using hunspell dictionaries

1.04 2019-03-01T16:05:38Z

  - Fix division by zero when loading empty pads
  - Fix bug in set_chapter where a pad was rendered before the current
    chapter was changed

1.03 2019-02-02T22:25:53Z

  - Fix crashing help screen

1.02 2019-02-02T22:11:42Z

  - Mark any bigger movement in the special position <'>.

1.01 2019-02-02T21:20:09Z

  - Skip tests without terminal

1.00 2019-02-01T21:08:32Z

  - Initial release