0.04     2018-07-30

- Bool type checks now work properly with Type::Tiny 1.004000 and later.

0.03     2016-04-04

- Added a new WebService::TeamCity::Entity::Build->artifacts_dir method. This
  downloads the zip archive of the build's artifacts and extracts it to a
  temporary directory.

0.02     2016-03-31

- Fixed a bug where creating an iterator for a response with no items to
  iterate over would lead to an error being through when you called
  $iterator->next. This is now handled sanely, and next() returns undef like
  it should.

- Added a WebService::TeamCity::Entity::TestOccurrence->unknown method for
  tests where the status is set to UNKNOWN.

0.01     2016-03-07

- First release upon an unsuspecting world.