v1.0.0    2012-11-05 11:33:21 UTC

v0.3.0    2012-11-05 11:23:50 UTC
          Fixes the version number.

v0.2.1    2012-11-05 03:41:24 UTC
          Fixes the SYNOPSIS.

v0.2      2012-11-05 03:36:38 UTC
          Override WWW::Shorten::generic's import with Exporter's import that DTRT.
          Allows calling ->makeashorterlink and ->makealongerlink in the object interface.
          Supports calling short_link and long_link in the function interface.
          Fixes POD typos, update POD to match changes.

v0.1      2012-11-05 01:48:32 UTC
          First release.