******************* NOTE TO UPGRADERS ************************
             **  If you are upgrading from a version earlier than 0.48,  **
             **  please make sure that you install the updated templates **
             **  found in the templates/ directory of the tarball.       **
             **    Added:   preferences.tt                               **
             **    Changed: navbar.tt                                    **

2003/01/06 - (0.48) Moved the button-press munging out of the CGI and into
             the module, where it belongs.  Improved calling syntax of
             ->process_template.  Added preferences facility for saving

2003/12/22 - (0.47) After committing an edit we now redirect to the edited
             page rather than just calling the display method in order that
             the URL our browser is pointing at is correct and complete.

             ******************* NOTE TO UPGRADERS ************************
             **  If you are upgrading from a version earlier than 0.45,  **
             **  please make sure that you install the new difference.tt **
             **  template.  It can be found in the templates/ directory  **
             **  of the tarball.                                         **

2003/12/10 - (0.46) Fixup Build.PL - we don't *really* depend on CGI::Kwiki
             Loads more docs (thanks Schuyler for the prod).  Few fixes to
             the diff thing.

.......... - (0.45) (not released) Ivor Williams' patches to make diffs work.
             CGI::Wiki::Plugin::Diff is now a prerequisite.

2003/11/24 - (0.44) Added ability to specify hostname of database server,
             requested by Jody Belka.  db_user no longer required for
             SQLite backend.

2003/10/10 - (0.43) Fixed test skipping in t/04_multiple_formatter_options.t
             - thanks to Josts Smokehouse for finding the failure.
             Added footer.tt with a little credit in, plus the version.
             Lots of template tweaks to use footer.tt and take advantage of
             not_editable flag.  Couple more stylesheet hooks.

2003/10/03 - (0.42) Fixed edit link for nonexistent nodes.  Made "all pages"
             output be in alphabetical order.  Added some stylesheet hooks
             to the template.  Removed the "revert to this version" link
             from the node.tt template.  Made the content box on the edit
             form be a more sensible size.

2003/09/25 - (0.41) Fix for test failures - we skip the ones that require
             CGI::Wiki::Formatter::Multiple if it's not installed (ta Jost).

2003/09/23 - (0.4) Added multiple formatter support.

                         **** INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE ****

             The way that you tell the module which formatters to use has
             changed.  Please read the documentation in lib/CGI/Wiki/Kwiki.pm
             before upgrading, as you will need to change any existing
             wiki.cgi scripts.

2003/09/22 - (0.31) Tidied up the tests - IO::Stringy no longer needed.
             (0.32) Fixed small bug previously masked by unnecessary
             'use CGI qw( :standard )' line in CGI::Wiki, removed in 0.48.

2003/08/28 - (0.3) Added username/comment support.  Added a start at tests.
             Added support for the 'userstats' action.

2003/07/18 - (0.2) Added search, using Search::InvertedIndex
             (0.21) ..and added the new template to the MANIFEST. Oops.

2003/07/13 - (0.1) Cleaned up some docs, added ability to revert to a previous
             page version. Bumped to 0.1 because I'm in a good mood.

2003/07/12 - Initial release