2003/09/25 - (0.41) Fix for test failures - we skip the ones that require
             CGI::Wiki::Formatter::Multiple if it's not installed (ta Jost).

2003/09/23 - (0.4) Added multiple formatter support.

                         **** INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE ****

             The way that you tell the module which formatters to use has
             changed.  Please read the documentation in lib/CGI/Wiki/Kwiki.pm
             before upgrading, as you will need to change any existing
             wiki.cgi scripts.

2003/09/22 - (0.31) Tidied up the tests - IO::Stringy no longer needed.
             (0.32) Fixed small bug previously masked by unnecessary
             'use CGI qw( :standard )' line in CGI::Wiki, removed in 0.48.

2003/08/28 - (0.3) Added username/comment support.  Added a start at tests.
             Added support for the 'userstats' action.

2003/07/18 - (0.2) Added search, using Search::InvertedIndex
             (0.21) ..and added the new template to the MANIFEST. Oops.

2003/07/13 - (0.1) Cleaned up some docs, added ability to revert to a previous
             page version. Bumped to 0.1 because I'm in a good mood.

2003/07/12 - Initial release